About ConsultBrain

About ConsultBrain


consult verb 1. seek information or advice from (someone, especially an expert or professional)

brain noun 1. an organ of soft nervous tissue contained in the skull of vertebrates, functioning as the coordinating centre of sensation and intellectual and nervous activity.


ConsultBrain Management (Pty) Ltd is a strategy consultancy based in Cape Town, South Africa. The website started as a blog in 2005 and currently publishes updates about my work and interests. The content is broadly focused on strategy, collaborative networks, technology and music. The ConsultBrain ethos is to have an open mind and to consult as many brains as possible in life and in business, and the approach here is to also share new-found perspectives.

Feel free to view my Personal Profile to get a sense of the type of work I do, either as part of ConsultBrain, or as part of other regional teams. I am a director of the South African consulting firm FutureLead and its associated initiative Higher Education Management Africa and an associate of Deloitte Namibia, all of whom I have been working with for more than 15 years. I am also the managing director of the online importer WAZA which specialises in quality Japanese household goods. The ConsultBrain approach is to work collaboratively with like-minded companies and individuals and from my network I can bring together a bespoke consulting team to suit your needs.

Contact me through this site, or connect with me online via LinkedIn or Twitter.

If you enjoy adventurous music, I am an on-air production volunteer with ‘The Mother of Community Radio in Africa’ – Bush Radio 89.5FM where I co-host the Wrong Rock Show – feel free to tune in!

Botha Kruger
Managing Director