The SARUA Climate Change Counts mapping study, which I project managed as part of a HEMA consortium of specialists, proposed four major collaborative networks to be established among Southern African universities. These four networks were identified after an extensive needs analysis and institutional assessment conducted in 2013 and are:

  1. Research Network (comprising 7 research themes/ clusters)
  2. Curriculum Innovation Network
  3. Capacity Development Network
  4. Policy and Institutional Development Network

The mapping study was funded by the Climate and Development Knowledge Network (CDKN), the SADC Regional Environmental Education Programme and contributions from regional universities.

Proposed SARUA university networks to address climate change

Proposed SARUA university networks to address climate change

It has now been announced that the Curriculum Innovation Network – which aims to develop a regional climate change curriculum for SARUA members within SADC, will also be funded by CDKN. An expression of interest process will soon be announced by SARUA to identify potential university partners to be involved in the development of the curriculum.

Read the announcement as reported here on University World News and watch this space for more news.