The Southern African Regional Universities Association (SARUA) Capacity Development Programme on Climate Change, which I wrote about here, concluded its mapping study in May 2014. The mapping study was the result of 18 months of research by way of workshops held in 12 SADC countries, to understand the climate change knowledge gaps and how universities in the region are responding to them.

On 5-6 May 2014, the SARUA Executive Committee hosted a Leadership Dialogue  at Spier Conference Centre where some of the team who comprised the HEMA Consortium presented the findings of the study to representatives from regional universities.

The two lead authors, Penny Urquhart and Prof Heila Lotz-Sisitka shared the Knowledge Co-Production Framework with the attendees and in my role as project manager I presented the road map to guide the next steps of the programme, which involve establishing collaborative networks across the SADC region to focus on climate change knowledge co-production that responds to regional challenges.

This programme can make a huge impact towards the revitalisation of higher education in the region and the full reports are made available on the SARUA website.

The representatives from SARUA, regional universities, HEMA and CDKN, 6 May 2014