Namibia is a country which takes hold of your heart and doesn’t let go. If you’ve been there once, there is a good chance you want to go back again and again.

I have been lucky to work in Namibia as an associate consultant with many local teams since 1999 and last week I was back to facilitate strategy sessions in Windhoek for the Meat Board of Namibia and Standard Bank Namibia. It was hard work from morning, through some nights, to morning, but fruitful and productive.

The one session was held at River Crossing Lodge – close to the city, yet it feels completely remote when you are there. I’ve only facilitated here twice and not yet experienced the accommodation, but it is well run, the service is attentive, the food is good and the setting is spectacular.

Namibia at dusk; Hosea Kutako airport; Namibia at dawn

Namibia at dusk (view towards Windhoek from River Crossing Lodge); Hosea Kutako airport; Namibia at dawn